Sweet Cheeks Doula

Doula Services


Labor Support 

One complimentary visit - Having a doula that you feel comfortable with is vitally important. This initial meeting gives us time to talk face-to-face and get a gut feeling if we're a match. 

Two prenatal visits -  During these visits I'll take time to get to know your family and how I can best support you. We'll work together to build your preferences for your birth plan, where nonjudgemental openness and honesty play a big role. We will address questions about the different protocols and interventions that happen in the hospital, at a home birth, and at birth centers. We will discuss the physiology of labor and birth as we go. I'll demonstrate and practice comfort measures and positions for labor with you (and your partner), and discuss how we'll work as a team both at home and at your desired birth location. My goal is to strengthen your confidence to birth your baby with intuition and agency. I do this by centering you and your partner and providing supportive information, guidance, and an extra pair of hand. If you feel that a third prenatal visit is needed, I am happy to meet.

On call 24/7 support and Day of- Starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy, I will begin "on call" support for you, and we will check in more often over the phone or via email and text. I will provide continuous emotional support and reassurance throughout the stages of labor. My experience and knowledge of labor progress allows me to normalize and reassure you and your partner of how things are going. When you think you are experiencing early signs of labor we will stay in touch over the phone until you need me, and I will meet you at your desired location to help you labor and birth your baby. I will stay up to 2 hours postpartum with you, or until the baby has latched.

One postpartum visit - I'll visit you at your home in the week following your birth to follow up with you, see how you're settling in with your new baby, and offer suggestions on newborn care, feeding and self care. We'll also have a chance to follow up about the birth and discuss your experience.

My rates are based on your household income as shown below:
Household income: Rate:
$30k-$50k $800
$50k-$100k $1,100
$100k-$150k $1,400
$150k-$200k $1,700
$200k+ $2,000

*I want my services to be accessible to everyone. If you make under $30k, please get in touch with me and we can figure out a rate that works for both of us.


Postpartum Support

As you transition into parenthood, I will assist you for a few hours a day multiple times a week with your new baby for the first few months of their life, or as long as needed. 

During my postpartum visits, my goal is to give you time to rest and relax. I will take over newborn duties in order to give you that space, including feeding (if you choose to bottle feed), burping, changing diapers, swaddling, and soothing your baby. While baby is sleeping or feeding, I will assist in light housekeeping and running errands that are related to the baby, including washing pump and bottle parts, helping with baby's laundry, and picking up baby related items. If desired, I can cook nutrient rich meals for you that are good for the postpartum period. 

I will provide you with emotional support in the post partum period. We will discuss and process your birth story together. As new parents, your mental health is a priority and imperative to the wellness of your new baby.

I will provide assistance with breast/chest feeding that is within my scope of practice if needed. 

My rates are based on your household income as shown below:
Household income: Rate:
$30k-$50k $20/hr
$50k-$100k $25/hr
$100k-$150k $30/hr
$150k-$200k $35/hr
$200k+ $40/hr

*I want my services to be accessible to everyone. If you make under $30k, please get in touch with me and we can figure out a rate that works for both of us.

Sibling Support

For expectant families who already have young children, the welcoming of a newborn can be a challenging transition for the parents as well as the sibling-to-be. As a sibling doula, my main focus is to be the primary caretaker of the older child during labor and birth and help with their understanding of this monumental day!

Services include one 2-hour prenatal visit where your child and I get to know each other. That way we can establish familiarity and comfort before your big day. Whether or not you would like to be present for that visit is up to you. I will begin on call support 24/7 starting two weeks prior to your due date, and will be available by phone, email, and text. I will join you at your desired location at any point during your labor, and will stay with your older child until up to two hours after the baby is born. I will have one 2-hour postpartum visit with you and your older child to check in about their new role as a sibling, and to discuss their experience of the birth. 

Rates starting at $350*

*I want my services to be accessible to everyone. I offer sliding scale rates as well. Please get in touch with me if you have concerns about payment.