Hi, I'm Emmylou!  

And I'm a certified labor and postpartum doula. 

In short, a doula is a labor and birth support person. I help families and individuals get ready to bring a baby into their lives, and assist with their transition into parenthood. My role is to provide expectant parents with emotional, physical, and informational support in the months leading up to, during, and after giving birth. I am there to help relieve the typical stresses of childbirth so parents can focus only on the sweetest moments of their incredibly beautiful birth journey.


My Mission 

Birth is one of the most incredible things that the human body instinctually knows how to do. It is a process that people have been doing longer than anything else, and yet in modern westernized medicine birth is often viewed as a medical condition that needs to be treated, rather than a natural human process to be trusted. I believe all parents should have access to options and evidence-based care both medical and holistic. As your doula, I empower you to connect with your baby and birth, advocate for yourself with informed choice, and prepare for the expansive possibilities that come with this life changing transition. With knowledge and understanding that everyone’s path is different, I offer unwavering support during your pregnancy and labor, making space for your baby to come into the world with love and respect and in whatever ways feel best for you.


To learn more about the kinds of support I can offer you, have a look at my services.